Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Journalist Released Unharmed in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq - American reporter Jill Carroll was set free Thursday, nearly three months after she was kidnapped in a bloody ambush that killed her translator. She said she had been treated well. Carroll, 28, was dropped off near the Iraqi Islamic Party offices. She walked inside, and people there called American officials, Iraqi police said. "I was treated well, but I don't know why I was kidnapped," Carroll said in a brief interview on Baghdad television.

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Da Munique said...

Jill Carroll disavows Iraq video

Sunday 02 April 2006, 2:56 Makka Time, 23:56 GMT [ http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/96027BB5-D47F-41AA-9A2D-1DF330C2B2AA.htm ]

Jill Carroll, the former Iraq hostage, has strongly disavowed statements she had made during her captivity and shortly after her release, saying she had been repeatedly threatened.

In a video, recorded before she was freed and posted by her captors on an Islamist web site, Carroll - a freelancer for the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor - spoke out against the US military presence in Iraq

But in a statement on Saturday, she said the recording was made under threat. Her editor has said three men were pointing guns at her at the time.